Water-Soluble CBD Formulation (Coming Soon)

Water soluble Cannabidiol (CBD) is an emergent technology allowing CBD ingredients to be created for water-based Food & Beverage goods. The demand for a water-soluble format of an oil-based product is only increasing. The scaling, efficiency, and simplicity of the CBD formulation into a water-soluble bulk base is integral to offering this product at a high quality with low cost. Using high-amplitude ultrasonic homogenization, Polaris Innovations is able to emulsify CBD using natural GRAS certified emulsifier and stabilizing agents. In addition, our formulation is vegan & non-GMO.


This product base comes in two forms: an aqueous solution or a solid powder format. Utilizing methods of powder creation that include spray drying, varying grades of CBD oil (from full spectrum to 99% isolate) can turn into different grades of powders for varying applications. This provides developers with the option of combining CBD into powdered goods like dehydrated milk, exercise supplement powders, powdered beverage mixes, cake & brownie mixes, sugar-based mediums, and so much more.


Water soluble CBD solutions are derived from full-spectrum crude oil, any ratio or iteration of CBD distillate, or 99% CBD isolate. CBD in an aqueous solution can be offered between 10% and 25% solution loading, resulting in 100-250 mg of active CBD per gram (ml) of solution with a shelf-life of up to one year. Powdered CBD bases are formulated at a concentration of 5-15% CBD and 50-150 mg of CBD per gram of powder, depending on the formulation option chosen.


The greatest benefit of water soluble cannabidiol , in any form, is the increase in bioavailability. Backed by several peer-reviewed studies, CBD becomes increasingly more bioavailable when it is no longer in its oil-based natural state. Water solubility allows for a faster pre-digestive uptake, and consequentially improved pharmacology that results in an optimized bell-curved response time and a greater physiological effect.

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