High-Terpene Essential Oils

As education in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) markets evolves with the increasing availability of technology merged with pharmacopeia, the respective quality vs. scaling options are weighed with certain consumer goods. This covers product scale from a commercial high through-put perspective, to boutique small batch production. With the emergence of such a versatile plant in the pharmacopeia; one which can bio-synthesize such a wide array of medicinal, therapeutic, and nutraceutical constituents, hemp brings us the possibility of creating a plethora of goods meeting a broad spectrum of consumer needs.  Application of these products may offer a “better quality-of-life” appeal. Many of these benefits, are contained in the high terpene essential oils of the plant and are what make up the differing strains; each profile having their own effects.

Terpenes, widely known as the primary aromatic component of nutritional and medicinal plants, herbs, seeds, woods, and more, are highly concentrated in cannabis and comprise up to 4 or 5% of the dry weight! Their variety and versatility match that of hops and juniper berries, and often contain myrcene as the dominant component, however a myriad of differing terpene profiles are present in varying strains. At Polaris Innovations, we use unique process IP during the manufacturing process, to capture the essential oils from your biomass as a value add to your extraction service with us.  This essence of the material, uniquely reminiscent of the true flavor of the original plant, acts as the basis of craft consumer good products which allows the therapeutic and nutritional value of phytocannabinoids to shine.  From alternative medicine purists and food connoisseurs, to the mental health and spirituality communities, and many more, attention to the terpene content is what makes for a product of exceptional and competitive quality. This is the power of the essential oil.


High-terpene essential oils come in 2 different formats: recovered (higher volume, lower cost) and distilled (lower volume, higher cost). Shelf life is long when stored in cool and dark locations, and sealed to prevent atmospheric exposure when not in use.

We may see the industry hedge toward connoisseur-level consumer goods in a fashion similar to aged wines and spirits, cigars, and other fine ingredients.

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