There’s a lot of talk recently about organic products. It all began with the rise of organic fruits and vegetables. Now, there are organic chicken nuggets in the frozen food aisle. Did you know that you can get an organic pedicure? You can sleep on an organic mattress. You can use organic CBD too! With all of these organic products on the market, it’s worth asking- is it worth it? What are the benefits of these organic items anyway?

What is Organic CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is part of the cannabis family and comes from a plant. The “organic” in organic CBD comes from the way the plant is grown and the CBD is handled. To begin, it must be grown in certain conditions. As a quick example, the amount of pesticides that can be used on these plants is strictly controlled. Everything that the product comes into contact with is regulated. Even the water that is used to irrigate the plants must be high quality and not damage or contaminate the plants in any way. Beyond this, there are also rules around the quality of the soil and the seeds the plants are grown from. If this sounds like a lot of rules to follow, you’re absolutely right. Companies that produce and sell organic CBD are inspected regularly. It takes hard work and quite a bit of effort to be organic, but it’s something we’re proud to say we’ve achieved.

The Benefits of Choosing Organic CBD

All of that hard work and ensuring we meet regulations must be worth it, right? Correct! You see, the plant that CBD comes from has an amazing ability to take what’s in the soil and use it in the oil itself. When someone makes oil from CBD plants, this product contains all the toxins that have been absorbed. It is not impossible to imagine buying CBD oil that contains pesticides and other toxins. When you choose to buy organic CBD oil, you remove the risk of your product containing these toxins that can make you ill.

Polaris is the Clear Choice

Using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, we are committed to the distribution and development of only the highest quality CBD solutions. We were founded to provide affordable, effective, high-quality CBD solutions to people all across the US. From our American facility, we provide processing services for farmers, support CBD businesses with bulk CBD extracts, formulations and packaging solutions, and offer amazing organic CBD products at the retail and wholesale level. In fact, we are so good at what we do that Polaris Innovations is playing a significant role in establishing the standards for CBD businesses around the world. 

We were founded by a passionate and experienced team that understands the steps needed to provide quality organic products to our customers. Experience the Polaris difference for yourself!