Importance of Responsible Farmers & Biomass for Product Development

Like many things, the quality of the hemp will reflect directly in the quality of the CBD Oil end-product. Which is why it is vitally important to ensure that the hemp you are sourcing comes from a responsible and experienced farmers.

To produce quality hemp, the farmer must understand all aspects that play into agronomy & crop development. The soil must be properly maintained, fertilized, and precise watering schedules must be followed to create an ideal environment to allow it to thrive to its full potential.

If a farmer simply plants a seed, waters the plant and expects it to produce the uppermost quality – the farmer is highly mistaken. There are so many different factors that play into producing a healthy, potent and effective hemp plant.

Polaris Innovations sources the highest quality of hemp and supports the farmers of which are cultivating the hemp to the uppermost standards. The farms that we proudly call our partners possess the knowledge, passion, and dedication to produce the highest quality plants in the industry, to ensure that our products yield the proper levels of cannabinoids, nutritional values, and potency of which our customers seek.

Did you know…?

Hemp use dates back all the way to 7,000 BC. There have been historical discoveries finding that hemp was used for clothing as well as food. Civilizations were believed to consume hemp seeds due to the high levels of protein and other various nutritional values. Believe it or not, the founding fathers of the United States made it a legal requirement to cultivate hemp for production of ship sails, ropes, etc.

What is Biomass…?

Biomass can describe any part of the plant. This includes and is not limited to stalks, fibers, leaves and other portions of a plant that typically cannot be utilized for consumption or other CBD Oil end-product creations. With hemp there is less wasted biomass than with cannabis which must dispose of any remaining biomass after processing rather than letting it go on to use in other products.

Biomass is important to retain with hemp, because there are a variety of uses for every aspect of the plant. Stalks, leaves and other fibers can often be used to produce a variety of goods such as hemp ropes, hemp plastic, hemp concrete, and much more!

With hemp, every portion of the plant can be used to contribute to the creation of a product for the consumer, which is why it is important to align yourself with farmers who realizes this and takes advantage of all the uses that this seemingly miraculous plant has to offer by following processing methods of which retain all portions of the plant.

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