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I never used Organic CBD Oils before and I was not a believer that anything topical would do anything to help elevate my neck & shoulder pain that I’d had for 5 months. OTC medication also did nothing. I stumbled onto the Polaris vendor at a farmers market & got a sample of topical gel. I had little faith in it tho. I tried it when I got home and couldn’t believe that I felt better in a few minutes. I was in shock! I was so excited something really worked. It had a very light menthol fragrance that dissipated in a few minutes. I tried a different companies product just to see what would happen. It didn’t have the same effect at all. Needless to say, I’m hooked since so far, it’s the only thing that gave me relief
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I am not big on shopping on line for CBD oil but I bought a brand that I was taking for a couple months with absolutely no effect. I had a sudden death in my family and needed something to calm my nerves. It helped a little but I was not impressed with the brand I bought and the after taste. However, I previously was given some samples by one of the owners of Polaris Innovations company.
I used it as he recommended (3 times daily). I was very surprised by how effective these products were. I felt more active and healthier. It comes in a stylish branded dropper bottle that’s is easy to open and no after taste. So, my mom who is 92 years of age always complaining of Arthritis pain in her knees and arms. I decided to ordered 3 bottles of their (Organic Holy Basil, Vital mint and Natural Vibe Tincture). My mom had been using it as I instructed her and I was surprised when she called me and advised me that she was feeling more alert and was able to get up quickly out of her chair. She said her pain in her arms and knees were not as painful as it used to be.
She was very impressed with their Topical Emulsion Gel 2 0z roll on that she used on her knees. When I visited her last month in Phoenix Arizona, she did look more alert and active. She claimed their products are a miracle, it does promote healthy living. I lived in Oregon and visit her almost every month and she did seem more active and agile.
However, I was not only impressed with Polaris products but also the owners. My last trip to Phoenix was a rush and I placed an order on line for some of the products to take on my trip with me. But I placed the order two days before I left for my trip and called the company to cancelled the order because it would not arrive in time. However, one of the owners said he can make an exception and deliver at my house for me. I thought not only the products are amazing but the customer service was excellent. I have tried several of their products and would highly commend it to all.
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